The Process


Work one-on-one with the designer Nedenia Hutton Craig to build the perfect dress or look for you, that flatters your body and matches your style. Whether you’re customizing one of our existing styles or building a new style from scratch, the process is fun, easy and straightforward:

1. Customize your piece
Pick everything from the neckline, to the sleeve length, to the fit of the body to create a shape that flatters you. Next, you will select color/fabric and any additional details.

2. Get measured 
When you visit our showroom, the designer will take measurements and have you try on existing samples. If you’re outside of New York, we will send you a measurement chart to fill out.

3. Fit your piece
Fittings at our showroom are included. Please note that production of your piece will take from 4-6 weeks depending on customization level.


If you think about it, every guy you know has a suit guy. Why shouldn’t you have a dress girl?


*** We work with many clients outside of the New York City area and use muslin fabric to check fit & shape first before creating the piece in the real fabric. Then, clients are responsible for final alterations on their own.